Waffle Maker & It’s Types Detailed


If you’ve heard of the term waffle, you might have heard that waffles can be made of different shapes and sizes. But have you ever heard or tried out penis shaped waffles? They’re particularly made with the help of a special machine called penis waffle maker which is also available on Alibaba. This article is all about different types of penis waffle maker machines and who are they suited for in details. Keep reading to learn more.

Types of Penis Waffle Maker Machines

Below are the types of waffle maker machines and their elaboration:

· Commercial Grade Waffle Makers

These are the common ones that are found at commercial places such as eateries and restaurants. They are of high capacity and can make bulk waffles in the shape of a penis. The chef can make waffles of any material they think would suit. However, most penis shaped waffles are made of any edible food material of brown color to depict a real male genital.

· Non-stick Dick Waffle Maker

This is a non-stick variant that offers smooth surfaced waffles in the shape of a penis. The specialty of this maker is that you don’t have to clean it extensively to remove the leftover of the waffles. They’re easy to clean and make good-looking waffles at the same time.

· Hybrid Makers

The hybrid makers are those that can run on gas and electricity as needed. If you’re on a trip and can’t find electricity, you can carry a gas cylinder to use the waffle maker.

· 8-piece Waffle Maker

This is yet another category of penis waffle maker that allows users to make 8 waffles of dick shaped at once. Such a machine is best suited for small café who don’t have many customers of this product. Moreover, it can be used by small shops and vendors who wish to sell penis shaped waffles in small quantities.

· Penis Shaped Hot dog Waffle Maker

This is a machine that creates hot dog style waffles that can be placed in a hot dog or a sub. Therefore, such a machine is best suited for North American audience who love subs and hot dogs. The size and shape of the waffle in this machine is relatively big, which is best suited for placement in a hot dog bun.

Are Penis Shaped Waffle Makers Any Good?

Obviously, penis shaped waffle makers can make dick shaped waffles, which have a different fan base. They’re worth it for any commercial eatery as it can help them generate increased revenue. They’re also worth it because these machines are affordable and don’t consume much electricity too.


If you’re trying to buy this machine in the local market and cannot find it anywhere then Alibaba is recommended. It offers all types of penis waffle makers that are discussed above in the article. You can find enough sellers and avail trade assurance order to protect your order from delayed shipment and assure quality control. The number of sellers selling such a product is high, so there’s always someone who can offer you a deal of your lifetime.


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