Types of Ergonomic Pillows in the Market

ergonomic baby pillow

Lack of proper and sufficient sleep is a major cause of discomfort. Poor quality pillows not only interfere with your sleep but also cause body pains. Both adults and babies use different types of pillows ranging from the standard fluffy kind to the ergonomic baby pillow, perfect for solving the flat head syndrome. The ergonomic pillows are a game-changer, from waking up in pain constantly to having little to no pain. We look at the types of ergonomic pillows below.

Types of Ergonomic Pillows

What are ergonomic pillows? They are pillows designed to conform to your body shape during contact. They complement your sleeping position, keeping your head, neck, and spine aligned. Normal sleeping pillows prop up your head and leave your neck and shoulders at a lower position, resulting in muscle tension and pain. The alignment from ergonomic pillows helps reduce body pains and provide support, thereby improving your sleep 100%. These pillows come in varying forms. They are;

a. Contour pillows

The design of these pillows is so distinct that you can’t fail to notice them in the shop. Two of its ends are raised to different elevations and have a valley or dip at the center. The purpose of the varying elevations is to suit every user where they can change sides depending on the comfort level. The valley creates room for the head, but generally, the pillow supports the neck and maintains its curve. The cervical bone in the neck is a common source of pain after an incident of sleeping in a bad posture. Contour ergonomic pillows come in handy to alleviate this and other chronic pains in the head and neck.

b. CPAP pillows

Manufacturers develop these pillows to suit users who rely on the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine. The machine is used to keep the airway open; thus, the effects of sleep apnea are reduced. CPAP pillows also reduce sleep apnea by maintaining the neck posture and reducing pressure in the muscles. The machine comes with a mask that supplies constant air into your lungs. It limits you to either the back or side sleeping position, which may cause severe body pains if proper support is not used.

c. Slim ergonomic pillows

These pillows resemble the standard pillows. They have a normal rectangular shape but are more slender, with different fillings than a typical pillow. Despite being thin and with less loft, they still adapt to the user’s sleeping position and provide adequate support and comfort. Most of these pillows are calibrated depending on their support levels. Therefore, slim pillows are suitable for small, slender people or those who enjoy sleeping on their tummy.

d. Wedge ergonomic pillows

As the name suggests, these pillows have a wedge-like shape to elevate the upper body. They maintain the spinal curve, enhance blood circulation and reduce acid reflux. They are larger than most pillows as they support a more significant part of the body.

Bottom line

Ergonomic pillows offer head, neck, and shoulder support, maintaining the spine curve and providing general body comfort. They are firm, unlike with fluffy pillows, and take the shape of your body when sleeping. These reasons have led to their growth in popularity, and the various forms give users options to choose from for their needs.


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