Choosing the Right GPM for a Pressure Washer

Choosing the Right GPM for a Pressure Washer

Choosing the best pressure washer isn’t just limited to buying an electric or gas-powered machine. Other factors that need careful consideration include your pressure washer’s GPM. You can choose the GPM based on the size and difficulty of your cleaning job.

If you clean a more extensive surface with stubborn stains, you will need a pressure washer with a higher GPM output. Consequently, a relatively smaller surface with minor stains needs a pressure washing machine with a moderate GPM product. If you want to get the best result out of your cleaning and decorative job, consider the GPM of your pressure washer.

First things first, what is GPM?

GPM definition

Gallons per minute, abbreviated as GPM, are the number of gallons of water used when a pressure washer is operational. GPM is a fundamental unit of measurement because different surfaces need specific water amounts for cleaning. A large amount of water will ease the cleaning process by effectively removing a surface’s dirt and grime. You will need a different GPM amount for different cleaning jobs, as highlighted in the table below:

General GPM Situational Requirements

Type of Job GPM Amount
Car washing or light cleaning 1.5
Commercial wood or concrete cleaning 2.5
Home cleaning jobs, including deck, home siding, porch, e.t.c 2
Cleaning the driveway or difficult-to-clean parts of your home 2.3
Stripping paints from walls or large-scale commercial cleaning 3-7

What Is the Best GPM for Concrete Washing?

Areas of your home made from concrete, for instance, the driveway, collect all kinds of stains, grime, and dirt every day. The pigments are cemented on with the passing of vehicles on the driveway, making them extremely difficult to clean. A basic residential pressure washer is ineffective in such a driveway, so you need one with a 1.5 to 2 GPM output. A pressure washer is ideal for removing dirt and stains from hard-to-clean surfaces like concrete surfaces.

What Is the Ideal Pressure Washer GPM for House Cleaning?

Your house collects more dirt and dust than you think, and that is why you need a pressure washer with a GPM output of 2.3 or higher. Any GPM output lower than 2.3 will only frustrate your cleaning process, as the stubborn stains remain intact. Instead of achieving a spotless look, the dirt will only move around, messing up your house even more.

What Interferes With the GPM Flow of Your Pressure Washing Machine?

  1. Filling the pressure washer with the wrong water amount. If you fill the machine with less water than indicated on the GPM level, you risk damaging the pump. The device needs specific GPM levels for optimal function.
  2. Using unfiltered tap water. If the water in your pressure washer is full of dirt and debris, it can clog or damage the pipes, affecting the GPM output.
  3. Using hot water in the pump. Hot water can damage a pressure washer’s o-rings, affecting the pump’s performance, including the GPM flow.


GPM is a vital pressure washer aspect that many people often overlook. However, choosing your pressure washer’s GPM output is essential for various cleaning needs. A pressure washing machine with a good GPM amount helps you effectively remove dirt and stains from your surfaces, including concrete driveways.


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